Your Best Friend

What do you need to bring to Jesus today?

Perhaps it's a friend, lost in sin, tangled in grief, searching for a Savior...

Perhaps it's your own heartache and worries, fear of the future, a disease-riddled body, a sin-riddled soul...

You have a Friend -- a Savior -- a Healer -- a Strength Giver -- a Hope Creator. His name is Jesus and He is waiting for you to come to Him with your greatest need today.

Join Don Wilton on a powerful and moving journey through Luke 5 as he unpacks the inspirational story of a paralyzed man... four faithful friends... and one powerful Savior.

In appreciation for your financial support, we'll send you Your Best Friend. This message will encourage your spirit, reminding you of the wonderful deliverances of the Savior. He'll do the same for you!

Your Best Friend
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