Who Are You Really?

Who Are You Really?

“He…laid aside his garments.”           Jn 13:4-5

Do you worry that if people knew the “real” you, they wouldn’t like you? Or that if you let down your guard you’d be left twisting in the wind? If you grew up in the 60s, you may remember the song “Eleanor Rigby.” It’s about the self-imposed isolation that comes from trying to blend in with the crowd. It talks about “the face that [we] keep in a jar by the door.” Trying to look “normal” every day can be exhausting. The Bible says Jesus “laid aside his garments…to wash the disciples’ feet.” He was willing to become transparent and let them see who He really was. One author writes: “I must tell you—after playing football and spending hours in musty locker rooms—it’s much easier to undress when others are undressing, than it is to walk into an executive boardroom and disrobe. This would be true even if the room was filled with the same men you work out with. It’s not who they are, it’s that your comfort zone is destroyed when you feel like you’re the only who’s naked. Jesus taught a powerful lesson. He rose from supper and began to disrobe in front of men who were still fully clothed. Our problem is…we don’t want to be seen as the only one with problems and needs. But fear of being different can lock you in a prison of pretense. Jesus took a step few would dare to. He laid aside His garments (image) before those He’d labored to inspire. Real ministry starts the moment we stop trying to impress each other and say, ‘This is who I really am!’”

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