When Your Walk Takes a Detour

Your Father wants you to come home!

Every detour for every believer begins with a personal decision based on personal need and want. When you leave the Father's house there will be a void that no one else can fill except your Heavenly Father. He wants you to come home. But unless you take decisive action, you will never get out of the pigpen.

If you have walked out of your Father's house and have squandered that which God has given you, I want you to see a picture of the warmth of your Father's household...when we fall or drift away God never changes! He wants us to come back home again. He doesn't put us in the backseat. He gives us the best seat and kills the fatted calf to welcome us home again!

In his message When Your Walk Takes a Detour, Dr. Wilton shares ten striking things from the Word of God that will bless your heart and help you get back on track. You might say this does not apply to you, but it's almost guaranteed that it applies to somebody you love and care for very much. Request a copy of this message for yourself or give one to that person you care about.

When Your Walk Takes a Detour is available on CD or DVD. There is a Great Celebration waiting! Request this message today!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

When Your Walk Takes a Detour
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