When Your Life Needs Adjusting


Facing significant change?... A new health challenge or financial crisis, or an unforseen struggle in a cherished relationship?... Not sure how to make the necessary adjustments? God is there for you!

This month, Pastor Don Wilton helps you understand how to view adjustment from His perspective... how to set godly priorities while you change and grow... and how to find complete security in Him, even as you adjust!

When Your Life Needs Adjusting contains three timely and inspired messages:

-When Your Life Needs Adjusting: Wisdom from God's Word to help you meet life's changes and challenges with faith.

-Spiritual Priorities: Learn the "Top 3" priorities for God's people... how to set them in your life and live them out.

-You're Fired!: Discover the five ways by which Americans "apply" for spiritual security... and what God's Word has to say about each one.

When Your Life Needs Adjusting
3 messages
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