Truth: Overcome Evil with Good

We are in an unseen war!

If you look at the world today, it appears that evil is winning. Our belief in Jesus Christ is challenged daily.

If there ever were a time that you need to be sure you know who you believe in and why, it is now! Just as we dress physically to go out into the world, we need to dress spiritually. We must put on the whole armor of God.

Over the next three months I will be sharing a powerful new End Times series Overcome Evil with Good. As you give a gift of any amount this month to The Encouraging Word, I will send you Series 1: TRUTH on CD or DVD.

These messages will help to equip you and strengthen your foundational beliefs. You will be able to defend your faith when you encounter opposition as a result of standing for TRUTH or sharing your faith.

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Sharing God's Truth With a Searching World