Temptation or Trial

Are you being tempted or tried?

Temptations and trials are the life of all of us. Can you tell the difference between the two?

Our response to temptations or trials can have life-changing effects in our spiritual growth. They will either draw us closer to God or move us away from Him.

When you encounter difficulties, be able to identify the difference between temptations and trials.

As you request Dr. Wilton's message, Temptation or Trial & Five Ways to Respond Accordingly available on CD or DVD, you will learn five powerful ways to identify temptations or trials, their purpose, and how to respond with joy. So, when trouble comes, you will be able to know who sent it—God or the devil and what you need to do about it.

Request Temptation or Trial & Five Ways to Respond Accordingly today.

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing through this ministry—sharing truth and changing lives! All for His glory!

Temptation or Trial
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