Seek Godly Counsel

Did you consult God?

Are you too busy mapping out your own destiny to consult God?

Our nation is being devoured by churches that meet on Sundays, pack the aisles with people who come into God’s house once a week and take God out of a box. They clean Him off and then on Monday they go back to serving the gods of their own world.

To some the Bible is just an old book—not relevant to what they are going through, but to the wise, it is a roadmap and a life-line for life. The Bible will always be relevant to the times in which we live!

We are either all in with Jesus or not in at all. We are living in serious times and we need godly counsel to do God’s work in this world.

Request Dr. Wilton's message, Seek Godly Counsel, available on CD or DVD. You will study seven godly counsels from God’s Word, and you will be challenged as you learn the importance of seeking God in every area of your life.

Seek Godly Counsel
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