Roaring Lion

The Roaring Lion
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What is trying to devour you? The Bible paints a tremendous picture for you, beloved. When we talk about “satan,” we’re not talking about an ugly man with a pitchfork and tail. We’re talking about a hungry, stalking, roaring beast.

In our world today, he is looking to devour and he will stop at nothing to do this. You must remember this plain and simple truth: If you take God out of the scheme of what’s going on in your life, you will become disconnected and isolated from Him. Satan wants you isolated, alone and defeated in your faith. God has provided a way out!

We want to share with you the THREE THINGS YOU CAN DO to protect yourself and your precious family from the prowling lion in Dr. Wilton's message, The Roaring Lion. 

You CAN stand FIRM against what is coming against you! 

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