One Nation Under God

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God has blessed this nation and He is speaking to this generation. Lest we forget:

•What God has done for us

•What our Founding Fathers have done for our Nation

•What our military has done and is doing for us

•God’s business of saving and delivering people

•God’s mission for us regardless of our age, status in life or physical condition.

God forbid that we forget!

If there was ever a time that we need to call God down, it is now! As intolerance towards Christianity is rising, we need a movement of God across our land. Satan is waging a religious attack on the Christian values and biblical truths in our country like never before. We believe the greatest challenge facing us today and tomorrow is the call to step out and speak up for the Lord Jesus Christ!

One Nation Under God  includes two timely messages from Dr. Wilton Why Nations Crumble on either DVD or CD and What Happens When God Speaks to a Nation on CD. This resource set will empower you to step up and speak out without fear for the cause of Jesus Christ. 

Sharing God's Truth With a Searching World