One Man, Four Friends & A Savior

Have you lost your fire for Jesus Christ?

Outside of Jesus we are all rendered incapable and unable to function according to God's purpose for us. In other words, we are completely helpless without Jesus Christ!

Do you know that friends are still the number one reason why people come to Christ? There are thousands of friends and family that need to be brought to the feet of Jesus. Will you bring them? Have you grown tired of praying for someone because you see no change? Are you facing something that you have given up praying for? Has your fire for Jesus been replaced with the comforts of the world? Stay at the feet of Jesus.

Request One Man, Four Friends and a Savior on CD or DVD. This message will empower you to dig a hole in your roof, become expectant in your prayers, and get up and walk confidently by faith through the trials of life issues, finances, relationship problems, concern for unsaved loved ones...

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

One Man, Four Friends and a Savior
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