I Believe


In this world of constant upheaval and uncertainty, as children of the King... we can live in the hope and assurance that Jesus is coming again. We will one day (and maybe soon) say good-bye to the troubles of this world... and spend a blessed eternity with Him!

What wonderful , encouraging news!

Dr. Wilton's dynamic new series, I Believe, contains six timely, inspired messages to bring hope and joy in these dark days. Titles include:

-I Believe the Bible

-I Believe God Loves Me

-I Believe Jesus Christ is Lord

-I Believe Jesus is Coming Back

-I Believe in Heaven and Hell

-I Believe in Giving Everything

Gain new understanding of God's Word and discover all the many reasons you have to believe!

Also includes a special book, I Believe: Foundations of Faith. Get your copy of these wonderful, faith-building resources today! Share a copy with someone who might be struggling today.

I Believe
6 messages and book
Price: $36
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