Holding Steady in Uncertain Times


Holding Steady in Uncertain Times

The wind of compromise is blowing all around us in the world. Almost at every turn you hear … let’s accommodate the wind by changing our morals, values, and our faith to be popular. How do we stay strong in our faith in an ever-changing world? It has been said that no matter what wind is blowing the tree that stands strongest has the deepest roots.

We have prepared a special message from Dr. Wilton's, Holding Steady in Uncertain Times. As we study God’s word together, you will learn how to take inventory of your life and see what God is saying to you in these uncertain times. You will develop deep roots and immovable faith to withstand anything or anyone now and in the days ahead … without fear.

We are living in perilous times, but our focus should be on seeing that the Gospel is advanced at all cost. Request your copy of Holding Steady in Uncertain Times today.

Thank you for your partnership in standing with us to share the Gospel!


Holding Steady in Uncertain Times
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