Going After Jesus


Going After Jesus
A Message from Don Wilton  |  Available on CD or DVD

Everybody is looking for what only Jesus can do. Everybody wants peace. Everybody wants joy. Everyone wants forgiveness. Everyone wants to be whole. Everyone wants meaning in life. Everyone wants their life to matter. Everyone wants to know what happens when we die. Everyone is looking for what the Bible tells us Jesus can deliver.

Are you someone who is seeking after Jesus? God loves us and He pursues us in small ways every day. He sees you. He knows the depth of your loneliness. He sees that burden you have for your loved ones. He sees your life’s struggles. He knows at times that you may feel like you are invisible to the world. He knows your every need.

It would be our privilege to send you this very special resource: Going After Jesus. You will gain great insight as you learn about those who pursued God and those who rejected Him. You will be refreshed and inspired to pursue the God who has and is pursing you.


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