Facing Your Goliaths

Facing Your Goliaths!

God does not want you to live in the shadow of your Goliaths, fearful of the future... afraid to step out or speak up. Instead, He wants you to face your Goliaths. Live in victory... free to experience all of His blessings and live out the faith He offers you.

The story of David and Goliath can teach us much about how to face our giants in this life (even when the biggest Goliath in your life is you!)

In his sermon, Facing Your Goliaths, Pastor Don Wilton teaches you how to...

Step Up. David was able to step out of the crowd, willing to fight the giant.

Speak Up. David put his detractors in their place, claiming God's power for his victory.

Pick Up. David had a slingshot and some stones, we have the Armor of God!

Give Up. In the battle, you must give it all up to the Lord. David did... and Goliath fell.

Facing Your Goliaths
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