A Picture of End Times


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We are living in perilous times.

The world is rapidly changing. Things foretold are coming to pass. The anti-Christ is real. Be careful who you watch and listen to. The world is full of false prophets.

Satan wants America. He wants to have all the authority. He wants you. He wants future generations. Hold fast to the Word of God!

If there was ever a time that we need the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in our world, it is now.

A Picture of End Times is available on CD or DVD and it includes a copy of Dr. Wilton’s book See You at the Finish Line. Both of these ministry resources will inspire you with a renewed hope and strength to finish the race set before you.

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Dr. Don Wilton joined 100 trusted pastors and leaders in writing devotional selections for the new Bedtime Devotions with Jesus Bible. This is a great resource to give to equip and prepare the next generation.

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