Christianity Unsilenced

Christianity Unsilenced 

Many people around our nation have written to us asking what God expects of us now that the election is over! The people have spoken. If I was a believer before the election and God had an expectation of me before I went to vote, what is God’s expectation of me now that we have a new President? God doesn’t change!

I think that now more than ever before as a believer, I need to be all that Christ intends for me to be in this land. So the question remains: What do we need to do as believers now that the election is over? Don’t stop being salt and light!

Get your copy of Dr. Don Wilton's message, Christianity Unsilenced: A Christian Response to the Election. It is our sincere prayer that this message will help ignite a fire or fan the flames within you of what it means to be an American and the freedom you have to live out your faith and celebrate it in America.

Christianity Unsilenced
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